Photo by Dianne E. Durham

An Elaborate Invitation

With an intense desire to find and offer some form of healing in this deeply troubling time, I present here several of my personal photographs . . .

"The View to Everywhere" by Xan Blood Walker*

The Power of an Open Heart

The open heart that woos me is not sentimental; rather, it is characterized by its constant pursuit of truth . . .

*Photographer's website:

Our Eternal Things

Our society has developed a ritual with objects . . . behavior that can impede discovery, experience and personal growth.

The Biggest Lie

The root of racism and all other inequalities is our failure to expose and dismantle a single, pervasive lie . . .

The Brutal Denial of Our Humanity

How have racism and widespread racial disparities persisted in this country, despite more than 50 years of  passing legislation and creating policies designed to undo those disparities?

Can We Handle the Truth?

These past several weeks of living in the knowledge of Covid-19 have transformed me from one who devours the news to one who observes how we handle the truth . . .


Annie's Praise

Remembering Infinity

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